Progress does not stand still; today we are glad to introduce you another new product - "Art 3D perforation."  This is really eye-catching technology comes in numerous attractive, unusual, interesting and surprising designs that can make them look impressive and more visible, adding eye-catching centrepieces to accent walls and accentuates room design


New contemporary technologies and creative interior decorating ideas allow personalizing and enhancing room design in accordance with your taste and preferences of colours and patterns.
Contrasting stretch membrane colours and finishes always look interesting and stylish. Using colour combinations that include light tones helps emphasize rich dark tones which add chic and elegance to modern interior design. For example: 
Using dark gloss membrane as a top and a lighter perforated membrane as a face ceiling.
Translucent membrane with changing colour back lighted top membrane and gloss finish perforated face ceiling.

More options means more possibilities to create different effects using the LED technology and placing LED strips between the membranes , in a back to the top translucent membrane or using LED strip as a flood light around the perimeter which is fit into our new LED profiles.

With a blend of stunning design, precise execution, and uncompromising quality, we are able to create interiors that are visually harmonious and an expression of the personalities of the occupants.We ensure that we understand our client’s needs, so that each design is a true reflection of our client’s lifestyle.