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Suspended canopies with lightweight sculptural stretch fabric.

Add some WOW to your space with Infusions suspended stretch canopies.

Stretch Fabric is a printable internal synthetic fiber with a sheen or matt finish known for its exceptional elasticity. Its tensile strength allows it to be stretched over frames to create an endless number of shapes and designs.

Available in a variety of colours, Stretch Fabric can be patterned and tensioned between PROFILES, adding volume, colour and interest to any space. Because Stretch fabric is lightweight, it can connect and be configured in a myriad of ways.

Excellent for light diffusion and acoustics.
For spaces with glass atrium or glazed walls, Stretch Fabric can be used to diffuse and reduce direct sunlight. This is a cost effective way of keeping a space cool and reducing glare. With spaces where acoustics is important, such as atrium or spaces with high ceilings, Stretch Fabric helps reduce echo and ‘soften’ the space.

Easy to Maintain.
Stretch Fabric is easy to maintain: simply clean it with the soft cloth.

Stretch ceiling canopies suitable for office buildings, retail stores, schools and other buildings for education, hospitals, projects of sport and leisure, theaters, cinemas, hotels and spa centers.

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