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With the flexible stretch membrane we are able to create any size curved wall panels with different shapes, columns and ceilings. With the print, backlighting or solid flat finishes.



The larger the premise and the higher the base ceiling the more opportunities you have for creativity. In fact thin canvas that is wrapped around the frame can mould into the most whimsical and unusual forms: from a classical even plane fixed horizontally or at an angle to the multilevel that look especially intriguing when different textures and colors are combined.



Stretch ceilings in the form of arches transform the standard rectangle of a room and if mounted at four corners form a dome.  The presence of "hills" or "dunes" is topical in cutting edge premises especially in a combination with original lamps. The transition from a "hill" to the basic surface can have exact contour or be smooth. Turned downwards the "hill" – a cone is used for imitation of vaulted ceilings or for organic merger of the surface with the columns.


Perhaps one of the most complex and beautiful forms of a stretch ceiling is a wave. Smooth blends of a glossy surface with the contrast of light create impressive effect of rolling waves.

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