Vorax Stretch Ceiling System membrane is designed to give you more colour depth and light control with LED backlighting.

Our translucent stretch ceiling system transform an ordinary ceiling into a spectacular light display. Utilizing the full width and length of the ceiling, the led light box systems are incorporated into the stretch ceiling to create a functional and visually stunning lighting display. The stretch ceiling can also be printed with a choice of designs to enhance the room further.

Please find some images below shown beautiful installation from around the globe!

Thanks to the various colours and degrees of translucency of the sheet, the light can be diffuse, lives, colored or natural.

Using Led light flexible strips very important to remember that all LED driver and all connectors must be located beside the edge, for the maintenance in the future.

Our translucent membranes give the possibility to create striking atmospheres using either natural light sources, for example with the case of a skylight, or even artificial light sources with controllable colour effects.
The membranes are translucent, not transparent. These membranes will let the light itself go through while hiding its source.
Using anything from fluorescent lamps to white or colourful LED lights, efficient and decorative lighting will be achieved by changing light intensity, colours, sequences and timing.

However, you must know that installing translucent membrane requires following strict rules in order to obtain smooth lighting. The height/spacing ratio is very, very important. It’s actually important to keep at least a distance of 60-300 mm between the light sources and the membrane so that the lighting will be smooth.

Even though installing our translucent stretch system costs the same as installing a standard one, the cost of lighting can turn out high if the space between the light source and the membrane is too small since the light sources will have to be multiplied in order to get a smooth effect, therefore raising the cost in lighting. To learn about the calculations to define the distance between the translucent membrane and the light sources above it, see the following information sheet:

a technique of spreading an even amount of light on the whole surface of stretch ceiling canvas.

The led light box systems can also be used to provide light to specific areas, such as work desks or counters for a functional and ergonomic lighting solution which promotes concentration and fatigue-proof working.Discover a new feeling of light naturally flowing in your space through a well-designed light ceiling or wall. Your eyes will be less strained with no shadows cast by the daylight simulating lights in your home or works pace.
Lights, sprinklers, vents and motion detectors can easily be integrated with any of our ceilings. Most translucent ceilings are flat; however, we can easily create 3D shapes to suit your projects individuality.
Light boxes with translucent stretch membrane can be installed as single layer or double layer for better light diffusion. In addition, a second layer will serve as a dust/particle barrier (usually clear membrane)