Easy Light is an integrated light profile, that makes creating an interior design more
playful and flexible. This innovative profile system allows to combine stretch ceiling membranes
and different light fittings, which location can be easily changed. There are endless ways to
re-design the light in the room, when You have such a flexible ceiling solution in use.


The aluminium profile system is equipped with a metal strip and a magnetic strip at the bottom of
the lamps. Throughout the profile there are electrically conductive contact strips on both sides of
the profile, this solution makes it possible to change the direction and the location of the lamps. To
use according to the need visually different lamps, which may provide more soft or more cold light in
the room, but also to use a lamp with more widely diffused lightbeams or a lamps with more narrow

Easy Light profile is specially designed for interiors, where there is a need to change the additional
lighting in the space. For example in a store, art gallery, in the office, exhibition center or other
public but also private buildings. The profile system makes it possible to avoid costly construction
investments and most of all, it saves You the precious time. From now on, there is a possibility to
change the light, just when it feels right! It is just as simple and cost effective as it can get. Enjoy the
interior design innovation.


light fittings collection for al31 profile