AL 27 + AL 27 Lock is multifunktional profile used for backlit
ceilings, backlit walls, acoustic solutions and lamps. This
profile was developed to create illuminated design without
any shadows.
AL 27 Lock fits on different levels of the AL 27 profile and is
used for holding backlit led lights on PVC sheet or to hold
acoustic sheets.

Installation of acoustic panels with AL27 profile and micro perforated STRETCH MEMBRANE an ideal to be used in the public and private places, where intensity of sound (noise) should be reduced, for example: airports, museums,churches, night clubs, restaurants.


Standard profile length is 2,5m. Profile
can be cut to any size and can be extended with easyfix
LC-08 corners. AL 27 enables also bending and should be
painted after curving.
Profile can be used with EASY ACCESS system (EXPO
HARPOON) or MINI harpoon.