VORAX Stretch ceiling can be single or multi-level. Multi-level ceilings created by combining different colours and textures of membranes, and on many levels there are no restrictions.

Technology Installation of stretch ceilings allows you to create unusual shapes and geometric shapes, combining different textures. Multilevel stretch ceiling can divide space of the room into several functional areas, as well as hide the irregularities and passing communication without prejudice to the height of the room. An essential advantage is the procedure of stretching the membrane in terms of accommodating the multilevel structures from various angles

There is an aesthetic versatility within the design meaning corporate colours and branding can be matched and carried throughout the interior.

With stretch ceiling system we can construct bulkheads with recesses, shadow gaps, drapery pockets and concealed light fittings, as well as hanged ceilings..


A false ceiling is a multi-level ceiling with multi-level lighting sources, it's a drop ceiling made of stretch ceiling system under the main ceiling of the room, it enables you to make and install hidden lighting between the two ceiling layers, it also enables you to make use more and more available designs compared with the one level ceiling.

Primarily false ceiling designs for the room is one of the practical options, plus a huge advantage, it’s that the false ceiling hides all imperfections and flaws of the main ceiling. False ceiling designs can be done in different ways: translucent ceiling in combination with solid colour stretch ceiling designs, or run it from a variety of modular and structures, consisting of a suspension system frame and attached thereto membranes.

High frequency welding.

PVC membranes can be heated with high frequency electromagnetic waves. High frequency welding uses this property to soften the stretch membranes for joining. The heating can be localized, and the process can be continuous.This technology allow you to join the different membranes as one piece, without making sub-framing behind the membrane.


Ideas: join translucent membrane solid colour membrane, printed membrane solid colour membrane, join a few different colours.


It should be said that the selection of canvas here is tremendous. You can order anything you heart desires from matt, gloss, monophonic and sateen ceilings to color ones, with images of nature of the most various kinds or pictures of known masters. Any desire of a customer can be fulfilled!