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Modern design technologies in translucent stretch ceilings together with unique light solutions realized by means of optical fibers with different sections allow the achievement of the unique decorative illumination in your interior. One of them is a stretch ceiling "Star sky".   The stretch ceiling "Star sky" gives a wide field for creativity. Star sky ceiling can appear as a luminous planetary system, a twinkling meteoric shower or as various shimmering effects and illuminated lines creating quaint changing patterns. In the afternoon you will have a perfectly even ceiling with a soft suede surface and at night - glowing and twinkling stars, light patterns, a play of light and shadow or a captivating airglow of celestial bodies.   

Star sky ceiling is made on the basis of optical fiber strings and a special color filter on a rotating base. Glimmering effects and play of colors appear when different optical filters are used at the source of light. An ordinary color filter as a rule is set for four colors, but special filters might have up to 32 colors. Such technology excludes the need in electric wiring as the optical fiber cable is used. Short circuits and other troubles with electricity will not have to worry you!  


There are many versions of "Star sky ". One with openings in a ceiling (on a suede or lacquer stretch ceiling), without openings (light from the optical fiber cable is projected on a stretch ceiling from inside - on a lacquer or a satin stretch ceiling), with crystal diffusers (matte, satin and suede suspended ceilings).    Usually the framework made of plywood with a pattern of the star sky (the openings for optical strings are broached in accordance with a prearranged marking) is mounted between a base ceiling and a stretch ceiling. Although at customer's request the ends of the optical fiber cable can be brought out on the canvas of a stretch ceiling, it will result in a peculiar effect of "a meteoric shower". The effect of a glimmering meteoric shower on a vinyl surface with mirror effect and lights of the night sky is simply astounding!    The brightness and size of the stars depend on the amount of strings leading to each point - a star that can be placed anywhere according to customer's preference. Strings are brought together to one point that is projected from inside on the canvas of a stretch ceiling. In addition to that crystalline lenses are placed on the ends of the optical fiber cords to create a special diffusion of light. Crystalline lenses make the twinkling effect more natural. A suede canvas is used in order to soften the visual effect of the ceiling in daylight.

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