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New aluminum profile AL23 COMBI was developed to integrate KEY Light system to the gypsum board.It is functioning with LED LR18 and LR19 + diffusorVEC-4. This profile is multifunctional as it enables tocombine gypsum and stretch ceiling in one profile.VECTA COMBI system allows to create an uniqueaccent lighting effect in interior design and can beused with gypsum board, stretch ceilings or evencombining both. Integrated LED lighting is 30mmwide and can be used in creation of endless glowingline effect.gypsum boardpaint coatingdiffuser VEC-4 stretch ceilingAL 23 Combi1


new AL 23 Combi ending CAP-2 enables to have more
variations in design. Now with CAP-2 the lightline can end in the middle of the
stretch ceiling or gypsum board enabling to create modern lighting solution.
Using CAP-2 with AL23 profile:
When making a ceiling drawing with AL23 + CAP-2 in the middle of the ceiling,
please take notice that the AL23+CAP-2 must be 4cm shorter on the drawing
then the actual profile with CAP-2. Otherwise you will have too much harpoon on
the actual ceiling. For example the AL23+CAP-2 is 340cm, then on the drawing it
should be written 236 cm.
Before installing the ceiling the CAP-2 must be fastened to the profile with a screw.
With the CAP-2 the ceiling installation always starts at CAP-2.

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