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VORAX stretch ceiling system provide the highest standards in design, construction, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. It's a ceiling system that offers light and easy to install materials through a tried and tested system that symbolizes complete certainty and innovation without risk.

Our ceiling systems are not only eye candy – they improve the acoustics in your room, create a pleasant working environment.


stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings long ago became synonymous with high quality and durability.

It should be said that the selection of canvas here is tremendous. You can order anything you heart desires from matt, gloss, monophonic and sateen ceilings to colour ones, with images of nature of the most various kinds or pictures of known masters. Any desire of a customer can be fulfilled!

Production efficiency of these ceilings ensued organizing its sales not only in the manufacturing country but also in many other countries of the world. The installation of this kind of stretch ceilings has simply no rivals. The fact that you receive 10 years of guarantee speaks for itself. Experts in ceilings production are confident in their product and hence the length of the guarantee.


What draws our attention to the ceiling? The cracks that have formed after the settling of the house, whitewashing that turned yellow with the time or due to excessive smoking, as well as a touch of black in the kitchen. Ceilings especially attract our attention after "natural calamities" of our neighbours upstairs when the even white surface turns spontaneously into a waterfall which subsequently bears the prints of it in the shape of smudges and flaked paint. While admiring a multilevel construction with original illumination or various built in lamps you might have a slight worry whether this structure will be able to bear a sudden flush of water.

However modern materials and technologies created ceilings that can resist any domestic misfortunes and furthermore will ideally fit into classical and ultra fashionable interiors. This kind of ceilings were named after a special way of installation, thin PVC-film is stretched and fixed in a special PVC or aluminium mould, fixed along the perimeter of the premises slightly lower than the ceiling span.


Perhaps the main technical property of a stretch ceiling is its invariable form during a warranty period. As a rule during 10-12 years the film does not sag, no cracks or bumps appear on it. Stretch ceilings are usually mounted after the basic painting and decorating works are finished. The mounting does not require any "wet" processes; it does not leave any construction waste or dust and takes very little time. The ceiling installation in a room of 16 м2 with an aperture for the main chandelier takes approximately 4 hours. For a more complex multilevel composition with abundance of lamps, of course, more time will be required.

In case of a fire the stretch ceiling does not maintain the fire but merely melts according to its fire safety certificates. It is completely ultra-violet resistant and keeps its bright initial colours throughout the whole service life. Stretch ceiling could be fixed alongside a classical chandelier with point source lamps. There are no restrictions on quantity.

The ceilings are completely waterproof and are therefore washable if required although they are generally maintenance free. The ceilings are impermeable to moisture and vapour so this ensures no damage is done to the structure above the material when used in high humidity areas such as swimming pools, saunas etc. Stretch ceilings will not crack with building movement, ideal in new build situations and negates the need for 'wet trades' such as plasterers and painters.

The material will never fade or peel and is ideal for masking any imperfections in existing ceilings such as cracks, pipework and cabling.

It is purpose made to form any shape and size. Its versatility means it is adaptable to all styles of architecture and allows for all varieties of light fittings, speakers and grilles.

The installation process itself is quick and easy with minimal mess and disruption as there is normally no need for removals. It is also easily taken down and be re installed if needed.

As well as ceilings the material can also be used for wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels and exhibition displays.

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