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Vorax Stretch Ceiling Systems are great for use in the Swimming Pool and SPA Rooms.  Never need painting, and stains can be wiped off with case. Moisture proof and will not rot or rust.

  • Exceptional flexibility offering more freedom in terms of design

  • Low weight of the ceiling construction without making compromises in terms of stability or durability

  • Prevents damage from water and so providing perfect protection from the effects of weather,mildew, moisture , chlorine, sulphur, or other corrosive atmospheres.

  • Capable of withstanding high wind loads

  • Provide effective and lasting protection to the structure above them, do not crumble, and offer effortless maintenance.

  •  Joining rails are only necessary every 60 sq. metres.

  • Multiple finish options


The ceiling are secured in a perimeter track which is custom made to suit you space and the final form can vary greatly from flat to free form barrel vault. The membrane is heated in order to expand it into the frame. Once this is securely anchored in situ, the room temperature will drop and the membrane will naturally shrink into a taut, strong membrane.

Astonishing decorative properties of stretch ceilings have been demonstrated for 30 years, there are no restrictions to the fulfilment of any design ideas. The question is what you give a preference for: a classical matt finish with no shine or a stylish lustre that transforms a ceiling into a magic mirror, a sparkling metal or scintillating refined silk. What about leather, marble or wood imitation?

The larger the premise and the higher the base ceiling the more opportunities you have for creativity. In fact thin canvas that is wrapped around the frame can mould into the most whimsical and unusual forms: from a classical even plane fixed horizontally or at an angle to the multilevel that look especially intriguing when different textures and colours are combined.

Modern design technologies in translucent stretch ceilings together with unique light solutions realized by means of optical fibres with different sections allow the achievement of the unique decorative illumination in your interior. One of them is a stretch ceiling "Star sky".

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