acoustic stretch ceiling system consists of a micro perforated membrane stretched by itself or over an acoustical core. This micro perforated membrane is perfect for high acoustical absorption for ceiling or wall applications.

With or without an acoustical core, membrane will provide you with NRCs from .50 to 1.0. In addition, you will be able to choose from various spectrums of absorption depending upon the acoustical core and the mounting type.

Micro-perforated membrane has openings of only 0.1 - 0.2mm in diameter and has no adverse impact on the product's visual properties..

It is an acoustic membrane that has micro-perforations and has been designed to improve sound absorption and lessen reverberations. Acoustic absorption reduces the intensity of sound-waves as they reflect within a room. The wave that emanates from a sound source is partially absorbed by the Vorax micro perforated membrane thereby reducing reverberation.

microperforated stretch ceiling lets a portion of the sound energy pass through it. As the sound waves continue to reverberate around the room, energy loss continues and the sound in the space is reduced. Acoustic absorption is quite different from acoustic isolation (the transmission of noise from one space to another).

microperforated ceiling technology can be integrated into public spaces such as museums, airports, churches, restaurants or music venues – in fact anywhere acoustic comfort is important. Our ceilings are now widely used within residential spaces, due to the minimalist approach of current interior design.


Micro perforated membrane could be printed as option!

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Micro perforated membrane could be stretched as normal ceiling( wall to wall)

Micro perforated membrane could be stretch over the any shape frame and suspended from the ceiling 



with micro perforated stretch membrane help balance design and reduce noise in offices, hospitals, theaters and other buildings. They reduce noise transmission by absorbing sound, rather than reflecting it. Acoustical ceilings can be used in both residential and commercial application.

Miro perforated ceilings can be used with a sound absorption sheet. This
is a thermal-acoustic insulating material that is recognized for its exceptional
acoustic absorbing and thermal insulating properties. Vecta Design offers 2 kinds
of absorbents with a density of 25 kg/m3: thickness of 30mm and 50mm.
Sound absorption sheet contains no toxic substances, it can be handled and installed safely.Micro perforated ceilings can be used in the public and private places,where intensity of sound (noise) should be reduced, for example: airports, museums,churches, night clubs, restaurants.